Plastic folding table production process

Plastic folding table is a kind of convenient and easy-to-use furniture, widely used in outdoor, office, school and other occasions. The main components of plastic folding table are plastic panel and metal table legs, among which the material of plastic panel is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and the material of metal table legs is aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

The production process of plastic folding table mainly includes the following steps:

1. Selection and pretreatment of HDPE raw materials.

According to the design requirements of plastic panel, select suitable HDPE raw materials, such as HDPE granules or powder. Then, the HDPE raw materials are cleaned, dried, mixed and other pretreatments to remove impurities and moisture, increase uniformity and stability.

2. Injection molding of HDPE raw materials.

The pretreated HDPE raw materials are sent to the injection machine, and the HDPE raw materials are injected into the mold by controlling the temperature, pressure and speed, forming plastic panels with the required shape and size. This step requires selecting suitable mold materials, structures and temperatures to ensure molding quality and efficiency.

3. Processing and assembly of metal table legs.

The metal materials such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel are cut, bent, welded and other processing to form metal table legs with the required shape and size. Then, the metal table legs are assembled with other metal parts such as hinges, buckles, brackets, etc., so that they can achieve the function of folding and unfolding.

4. Connection of plastic panel and metal table leg.

The plastic panel and metal table leg are connected by screws or buckles, forming a complete plastic folding table. This step needs to pay attention to the firmness and stability of the connection, to ensure the safety and comfort of use.

5. Inspection and packaging of plastic folding table.

The plastic folding table is inspected comprehensively, including appearance, size, function, strength and other aspects, to ensure that it meets the quality standards and customer requirements. Then, the qualified plastic folding table is cleaned, dust-proof, moisture-proof and other treatments, and packaged with appropriate packaging materials for easy transportation and storage.

Post time: Apr-10-2023